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It is our mandate to help people carry on with their lives despite these common but many times unavoidable circumstances.


Over the counter medicines are our first aid against illnesses that do not require professional medical attention. Although temporary, these ailments can be debilitating enough to disrupt  daily routine, affect work, and even render a person unproductive for hours.


Since your way of life is important we manufacture over-the-counter products that are guaranteed to address this problem.  


Pharma-Rex is a manufacturer and distributor of over the counter medicines in the Philippines that offers the most reliable alternatives in alleviating common ailments suffered by millions of Filipinos. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best healthcare possible, this is why we make sure that all our pharmaceutical products are not only top-notch but are also affordable.


Since relief can’t wait, dependability is of utmost importance, it is critical that that the required over-the-counter medicine is available when you need it. In response to this, we have made sure that our pharmaceutical products are always within reach at the most conveniently located drugstores nationwide.


In order to provide consumers more information about our selection of over the counter medicines, detailed descriptions
of each are available on the menu below.


A trusted brand for all types of mild to moderately severe pains, including headache, fever, flu, tooth ache and dysmenorrhea. [know more]


A mucolytic which means it helps relieve productive cough. It is composed of Ambroxol HCl. [know more]


An antihistamine and is composed of Loratadine. Lorexa QD: is a dispersible tablet which means you can take it with or without water. [know more]